Vintage LED Bulbs: The Modern Classic

Posted by V-TAC on 28-Oct-2018 06:46:18


Design and lighting play an incredible role in setting the mood of a space. When talking about current trends in either decorative lighting or architecture or fashion, adding a modern and contemporary touch to everything old is on the rise.

Vintage styled Edison bulbs recently made a comeback in the modern decor world. Only this time, the allure of these bulbs are enhanced with the use of LEDs in place of filaments. Though the LED Filament bulb looks similar to its conventional counterpart, it is highly efficient, has a longer lifespan and is made of non-toxic material.

Filament Bulbs make a comeback

Embrace the Retro Style

Taking up just 7W of power in comparison to the 60W incandescent bulb, these bulbs are designed to accentuate the design and theme of an area while saving energy and money.


Our LED filament bulbs assortment is one of the largest in the market. Don't believe me? Check out our filament bulbs range by clicking below:

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 Our bulbs are available in three different cover styles:

Amber Cover

Amber Cover Filament Cover Bulb


Clear Cover

Clear Cover Filament Bulb


Frost Cover

Frost Cover Bulb


Our Vintage LEDs are EVERYWHERE

Our LED filament bulbs are alluring for their low-key elegance and warm illumination. From bars and restaurants to a traditional loft, these lights will fit flawlessly into the decor of your choice. Additionally, these vintage bulbs would look splendid on contemporary fixtures, vintage chandeliers, or on clear pendants or holders that would centralise focus on the beauty of the bulb.

Chandelier displaying filament bulbs

Guess what? We have an incredible range of pendants that would perfectly go with our filament bulbs. Check them out by clicking below:

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 Every design has a story. Make it come to life with our vintage bulbs. For more information on these bulbs, contact us by clicking here.