LED Super PRO Floodlights: Strong Weatherproof Sports Lights

Posted by V-TAC on 08-Dec-2019 14:01:00


Sports fields, wharfs, plazas, gymnasiums – one thing that these places require are strong, powerful lights to meet and maintain emergency & safety standards, and at the age of ecological awareness, contractors are opting for energy-saving alternatives for inefficient traditional floodlights.


As part of its progressive in-branding program with global LED technology pioneer Samsung, V-TAC introduces the new LED Super Pro Floodlight –– with modern and efficient LEDs provided by the aforementioned tech giant –– which is specially designed to provide efficient lighting solutions for vast outdoor areas.

LED Super Pro Floodlight-1

Energy Saving

These highly intensive floodlights are equipped with LEDs provided by Samsung for high efficacy and efficiency –– more electrical energy are actually converted to illumination instead of being converted to heat. Have the same strong amount of desired lighting with less power consumption –– save more on energy bills!

Long Lifespan

With highly acclaimed Mean Well drivers and excellent temperature dissipation (heat sink) features, our LED Super Pro Floodlights can maintain its integrity for a much longer time than traditional Metal Halide floodlights, providing up to 50,000 hours of lamp life. Add that to its impressive IP66 rating and durable Die Cast Aluminum built, these floodlights make your perfect choice for intensive outdoor lighting. With a much longer lifespan, save on replacement and installation costs.

Strong Lighting + Adjustable Beam Direction

Available in 250W, 500W and 1000W, these floodlights can emit a staggering range of luminous flux of up to 125,000 lumens. Each lighting unit is also rotatable, giving you flexibility on adjusting beam angle directions which is dependent on its installation location.


Specially designed for indoor/outdoor stadiums, sports arenas, wharfs, plazas, etc. Our Super PRO floodlights can withstand weather, dust, and different forms of vandalism. 

With four (4) different ways to install these floodlights, you can meet any lighting requirement in any vast outdoor area that requires intensively bright lighting. 

LED Super Pro Floodlight-installation

The good news – these powerful floodlights are NOW available – inquire about the LED Super Pro Floodlights from your account manager today or log on to our website to discover our trade prices!