How it Works: The 3-Step Dimming Bulb WITHOUT a Dimming Switch

Posted by V-TAC on 13-Aug-2017 13:13:47


Ever wondered how a dimming light would work without a dimmer? Meet the VTAC VT-2129 9W, a 3-Step Dimming Bulb that works without a dimmer.


How does this work?

Unlike other traditional dimmable bulbs, the 3-STEP Dimming Bulb offers a unique in built dimming mechanism where you can dim the bulb using the switch you use to turn it on. It’s simple! You turn the switch off and then back on, and it will give you a change in the output of your bulb. It gives you three levels of lighting, without the need of an expensive dimming switch, and if you already have normal switches, you don’t need to change your switches to start using the dimmed light. You can easily use the switch to go back to the prior level of light by switching it on and off and they work on an output sequence of 100%-50%-25%, one after the other.



Dimming lights allow you to make lighting flexible in your room and help you save energy due to the reduced wattage as you start to dim its output. The greatest advantage that dimmers carry is that dimmers can really help you reduce your energy consumption in overall. With a standard light switch, you are either using 0% of electricity or 100% when the light is turned on. However, with the 3-Step Switch dimmer, if you don’t desire a higher output, you can simply dim it down and start saving power instantly.

Another advantage of dimming lights is that most lights suit a single purpose and aren’t suitable for every room, using dimmers allow you to make your room look warmer or softer. Dim lighting is usually associated with relaxation and winding down after work. Depending on your mood, you can adjust the output of the light bulb through the switch! Perhaps the best part is that you don’t need an additional dimmer for a dimmable bulb, V-TAC makes it convenient by allowing you to dim your lights through the same switch you turn them on from. How cool is that?

This one of a kind feature is not something you’d find in your average light bulbs. With Instant full light, as soon as you turn the switch on the first time you’ll get the bulb giving its 100% in your room, and you won’t have to worry about increasing the output as soon as you turn the light on.

Its simplicity will make it look elegant almost anywhere! Probably the best thing you could have if you love changing the ambiance of your house every now and then, plus you won’t have to keep changing bulbs as time flies. This sturdy bulb also comes with a two-year warranty, so you won’t need to run around looking for a replacement.

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