Here's Why Emergency Lights Are Considered A Safety Priority

Posted by V-TAC on 20-Aug-2017 16:58:43


Self descriptively, Emergency Lights are normally required to operate fully automatically and provide a certain amount of illumination to help individuals of all ages to evacuate the premises safely. We at V-TAC always keep safety in mind with our wide range of our LED Emergency Lights, which are extremely energy efficient and reliable.

So, what makes Emergency Lights so important?

In some parts of the world, failing to install emergency lights could land you in a lot of legal trouble. As for the United Kingdom, a law states that all property, or commercial property must have Emergency Lights installed, in order to focus on the safety of everyone in the premises.

Emergency Lighting is essential, whether it be caused by fire or any other natural disaster. It helps in quickly locating fire exits and identifying exit routes from the premises. These Emergency lights work as a substitute for conventional lighting that may lead to sudden darkness which could be a huge threat to human life, either through physical danger or chaos.

The emergency lights are energy-friendly alternatives that you can rely on! The fact that it consumes just 2W, makes it rather unique. State of the art SMD technology allows it to convert 2W to 160 Lumens, making it brighter and more efficient as compared to typical emergency lights. Our Emergency Lights include high performance nickel cadmium batteries, which are rechargeable and work as an excellent reserve when the powers down providing you an emergency back-up of up to 3 hours, making V-TAC's Emergency Lights there when you need them the most!

Firstly, LED Emergency Lights are easy to install and cost lesser as compared to other lights which may go off as soon as the electricity powers down. The advantage of our LED Emergency Lights are that they are maintained, which means that they are connected to the building's power supply, which allows them to illuminate normally throughout, and even illuminate on battery power when the main power supply is cut.




Choosing the right Emergency Light is a crucial decision, because Emergency Lights have to be functional when you need them the most. Adding on, we have a whole range of LED Emergency Lights in stock from Hanging Emergency Lights, all the way to Surface Mounted Emergency Lights, so when it comes to choice, we offer them all! Finally, we can assure you a 3-year warranty on these products. Since we've consistently put pressure on Reliability, it's what we focus on the most so we can guarantee our clients that they've made the right choice!

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