The Importance of CRI

Posted by V-TAC on 27-Aug-2017 17:20:19


Excellent CRI is Vital for Retail

Colour is important in the world we live in. Colours can sway how we think, change actions, and even cause reactions. Lighting plays a major role in bringing out an object's true colour. Over the years, improvements in LED lighting has made this even more accurate. Many LED manufacturers have taken an initiative to focus on CRI improvements in order to portray a direct comparison of modern LED products with conventional lighting.

What exactly is CRI?

A CRI (Color Rendering Index) is a measurement of how accurately a light source displays true colors of an object or environment. An LED's capacity for producing correct-looking colors is measured by its score on the color rendering index. This is referred to as the CRI number and is based on a score of 100, that actually combines many scores together, each one for a different color.

A High Color Rendering Index will dramatically improve the overall appearance of a product by allowing its true colors to appear clear.


A High Colour Rendering Index is an important factor to consider whilst displaying products at a store. LEDs with a High CRI work best in displaying your product. Although LEDs have been around for quite a while, it initially never focused on CRI and focused more on energy efficiency. However, through extensive research, many LED manufacturers have started improving their CRI percentages in order to correct colours. High CRI LEDs would be best used to display items such as art, museum artwork, statues and other valuable objects. Many such artifacts require exquisite lighting to display their elegance. Colour Rendering Index has worked well as a feature of lighting, especially in situations where artificial light is important as it must render colors accurately. Today, most modern LEDs are manufactured keeping CRI in mind, unlike fluorescent and incandescent lighting.


What kind of LEDs have a Higher CRI?

LED Track lights are becoming increasingly popular, as this lighting method is used by a number of businesses and organizations. Unlike traditional track lights, these lights provide clear and distinguishable colour, while consuming significantly less energy. Providing true colour to its objects, this lighting technology has simplified the task of lighting up areas by reducing the need for numerous separate lights. Our LED lights have achieved the highest color rendering available using the most advanced technologies, offering a true energy efficient replacement.

With the V-TAC LED Tracklight Series, you don't have to choose efficiency over colour, instead choose both, and make the better decision.


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