GCC And The LED Lighting Industry - An Illuminated Vision

Posted by V-TAC on 22-Aug-2017 16:15:28


A few years ago, LEDs were not very common and were overpriced as compared to conventional lighting. Today, LEDs have dominated conventional lights in so many aspects. From economic factors to environmental, these efficient luminaires have proven their capabilities in the lighting industry.

So, why are LEDs an efficient investment?

The global industrial and commercial LED lighting market is expected to reach £51.3 million by 2019. The Middle East market for LED fixtures and systems is expected to remain stable as government investments stabilize further and private investments continue. Major events in the Middle East such as the Expo 2020 in Dubai and will deliver solid growth in the GCC region, especially in the industrial sectors. In return, this will increasingly result in using modern lighting and its futuristic variants. Giving the LED industry a chance to flourish in the Middle East.

LED Market in Middle East will reach its peak by 2022

In the past two years, LED Lighting has received plenty of positive feedback from many different regions across the Middle East. The United Arab Emirates boasts of having the second-largest economy in the Arab world, and comes under the top 10 fastest growing economies in the world. Many organizations in the United Arab Emirates have now implemented the use of LED Technology, especially the commercial sectors. The increasing demand has encouraged LED manufacturers to increase the production of high quality LED lighting around the world. However, the Middle East has also focused on replacing conventional lighting for an environmental betterment. Below are Case Studies on how the Middle East is implementing the use of LEDs in order to be economical and encourage sustainable development.

V-TAC has also achieved positive responses from many of its clients in the Middle East. Offering our 400W LED Floodlights, to many on-going stadium and construction projects in Kuwait we reliably delivered high performance and effective lighting. Satisfying many of our clients, we are now confident on providing economic LED Floodlighting solutions in the Middle East.


Did you know?


Highbay Lighting is the most common lighting used for many commercial purposes. Metal Halide lights are way too costly to run and maintain. Today, most commercial sectors firmly rely on LED Highbay's to fill in for Metal Halide and Sodium Lights. A 100W LED Highbay light would make a perfect replacement for 400W Metal Halide lights. Saving up on energy, providing less heat, and giving out brighter light! V-TAC provides you with a wide range of LED Highbay Lighting, with our range starting from 50W, all the way up to 500W, we provide you with a wide variety of superior Highbay lighting that will suit your needs accordingly.

We’ve also managed to facilitate Union Paper Mills with our LED Street Lights, by providing them with our economical and efficient LED lighting which are currently being used in their premises. They also stated that they found a drastic change in terms of costs, maintenance and power. Lastly, our Waterproof LED Fixtures have promised to light up many warehouses, storage rooms, basements and industrial buildings. Using long lasting LEDs Tubes, which consume lesser energy and provide high outputs.

There are many ongoing discussions in the Middle East focused on how LEDs can improve the Quality of Life, to achieve sustainable growth and development.

Here’s Another Notable Switch to LEDs...

Electricians have swapped Sodium Lights for LED fixtures at the Dubai Energy and Water Authority (DEWA) power plants site. Over 8,500 luminaires are being replaced in a major retrofit project funded by Etihad Energy Services. In order to create an environmentally friendly change in the regions rapid development.

Reasons Why You Should Switch To LED:

  • LEDs have a longer life span than most conventional lights: Many LEDs have a rated life of up to 20,000 hours. For example, LED Highbay Lights are two times more efficient as compared to Sodium light and Metal Halide light.
  • LEDs also do last longer than most typical industrial lights. Depending on your usage, an LED bulb would last you more than 2 years.
  • Saving up on energy costs, in just one year your LED Lights would have paid for themselves!

Save up to 50% on Energy


Now that we have proved the efficiency of LEDs, how is it Hassle Free?

We at V-TAC, promise you 3 things:

  1. You receive Reliable LED Products- Hassle Free
  2. You Get Your Order Mobilized Within 48 Hours- Hassle Free
  3. We Keep a Healthy Stock Ready to be shipped- Hassle Free

The Middle East is a growing economy that accommodates millions of people in different countries around the Arabian Gulf. However, there’s one problem that we focus on eliminating the most. We aim to eliminate CO2 emissions as much as possible by promoting the use of LEDs. Since LEDs are the smartest investment you could make, for the future of your children and the environment they live in. #BelieveinBrightness


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