Here's Why You Should Not Miss Out On V-TAC's Ready-Made FSDUs

Posted by Maan Furio on 12 Apr 2018, 14:29:09
Want to maximize the profit out of your space allocation for LED lighting?

V-TAC's new customized FSDUs can offer you a vast selection of products WITH a detailed report so you can know how much revenue you can generate on your allocated space versus the cost!

Displaying key information right away, V-TAC can develop FSDUs that will surely catch the eye of any buyer. Adding to our comprehensive range of our Essential LED lighting products, we also have the new PRO Series that can cater to a more professional range of buyers.
The new PRO series can cater to a more professional range of buyers who would love the five-year warranty and Samsung branded products.
The display stand can be made for any product category, offering two types of range. First is our comprehensive range of our Essential LED Products, where promotion prices are the key highlight.
These FSDUs are the perfect buy for retailers: the entire pallet simply comes in a complete package, wrapped in a box. All you need to do is to take the box to the desired location, unwrap it, and start selling. It's that easy — no hassle of arranging and choosing the assortment. Simple, stunning, and it's ready to be sold immediately.
What's more is that these can be made to the size of your choice: full pallet, 2 on a pallet, or 4 on a pallet. 
Still not convinced? Read on to see more reasons on how our FSDUs can help you generate more sales!
1. Customized Graphics for Each Category
Attention spans are easily fleeting, that's why V-TAC's ready-made FSDUs are designed to have easily comprehensible details about the product right from the get-go. Each FSDU has brilliant iconography and graphics curated specifically for each category to provide as much necessary data while avoiding information overload. One research from Brigham Young University shows that products with product signages surmount others by 20 percent in terms of sales. 
2. Key Products For FSDUs of All Sizes
V-TAC's FSDUs are readily available in quarter pallets, half pallets, full pallets, but are also fully customizable in size to fit any store's requirement. Being one of the fastest growing LED brands in Europe, Middle East, and Africa, and having the ability to sell over 1800 products in over 70 countries, V-TAC can also provide you with regional key products and fit them on your preferred FSDU size/s so you can get started selling immediately.
3. Perfect Product Arrangement and Placement
In relation to the product categories and size, V-TAC can also help you place them effectively on each bay to maximise consumer engagement. Save your time figuring out strategic product arrangement and just focus on selling! 
4. Detailed Projected Revenue Analysis Report
Each affordable, ready-made FSDU comes with a comprehensive revenue projection that can help you (1) evaluate the effectivity of your display stands and (2) further understand what products would work best in your store.
V-TAC's ability to offer 5-year warranty products and its recent tie-up with Samsung can be your next point-of-sale marketing edge. Give your business a powerful head-start with professionally curated retail design solutions that will put you in the lead!


Find our full range of ready-made FSDUs by clicking on the link below:
 Ready-made FSDUs

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