V-TAC Introduces Linear Trunking Light with 5-Year Warranty

Posted by V-TAC on 13-Nov-2017 12:04:50



Retail lighting has two key requirements; the fixtures should be both, easy to install and adaptable to suit any layout. As a result, push fit fixtures and trunkable linear fixtures have been the center of attraction for contractors and lighting manufacturers for the last few years. Since the importance of LED lighting has been established by governments, businesses are now focusing on more modern solutions, like LED linear trunking systems.

What is a Linear Trunking System?

The linear trunking system is a modifiable light, which allows for freedom of positioning of light modules and choosing the number of light modules you require for a specific area. We recently launched a trunking system solution for retail which has all the top-key features; This linear fixture has a central power hub which can accommodate up to 70 modules in a row.

linear- trunk
Keeping in mind the miscellaneous tasks and areas of the commercial and retail sector, the body of this fixture is available with 3 optional optical lenses.

Oh and did I mention how extremely this system is to install? In spaces with a complex linear layouts, it would be fairly complicated to install other light solutions. This modular linear lighting system is comparatively easier to install and can be used as a surface or a recessed light.

The Trunking Rail And The Lighting Modules

In order to achieve a continuous modular system, this light fixture has all the necessary accessories to interlink the light modules seamlessly. It is as simple as joining LEGO bricks together.

These light fixtures are perfect to build into layouts of large event halls or warehouses or airports, since they have an absolutely incredible lifespan of 50,000 hours, with a 5 year warranty on them.


  • Sensor Compatibility: Additionally, these lights are sensor compatible. Isn't that terrific?
  • Elevated performance with an exceptional luminous efficacy: Having a light output of 160 lumens/Watt, these lights definitely pertain to the high standards of V-TAC.

This practicality of this light makes it the perfect indoor lighting system for retail applications. For more information on pricing of this item, click on the link below: