V-TAC Launches its New Range of Waterproof Fixtures

Posted by V-TAC on 04-Sep-2017 09:31:39


In order to survive conditions of dust and moisture, fittings in many industrial establishments and workshops must fulfill high requirements. These tough fixtures must be of significant quality and must have the capability to survive industrial conditions. These waterproof fittings use LED Tube lights and are increasingly replacing the traditional T8 fluorescent lighting fixtures.

Here are some advantages of Waterproof LED Fittings

Linear fixtures have always existed, however, they usually worked on traditional fluorescent tubes which would consume up to 80W. Comparatively, modern LED Fittings which only consume around 36W is not only known for being energy efficient but also prove their potential by providing high outputs of up to 3800 Lumens, making them perfect for dark environments such as basements in buildings and warehouses. LED Fittings are much better than typical light fixtures because the older versions required a ballast to function, which would routinely fail. These fittings are directly wired, which means they do not need a ballast or a power supply as these tubes come with built in drivers.

Basements using fixutres

In the case of these LED Tubes failing after the two-year warranty, these fixtures are easier to maintain. All you have to do is remove and replace the LED Tubes! This paves way for faster installation and slashes your costs of buying new ballasts or fixtures.

Compared to traditional fluorescent tubes which generate large amounts of heat, these LED Tubes can directly make electric energy into light energy using advanced driver technologies, causing less heat and no waste of the energy!

Which is why we at V-TAC take pride in introducing our sturdy new series of V-TAC Waterproof LED Fittings. Our LED Fixtures now come with two included LED Tubes!


Why choose Our LED Waterproof fixtures?   

Our LED Fixtures are designed specifically for outdoor usage. Water vapor and water can easily seep into many light fixtures, creating risks of sudden failure. As time passes, many conventional lights will give up sooner without proper protection. To ensure durability, most of our Waterproof LED Fixtures have an IP65 Rating which protects the LED Tubes inside the fixture while they perfectly light up Parking lots, Gas Stations, Warehouses and other industrial areas.

V-TAC's Waterproof Fixtures

Our waterproof LED fixtures are available in two different models, the VT-12023, which is a 120cm fitting with two included tubes providing up to 3400 lumens and the

VT-15022, which is a 150cm fitting with two included tubes providing more than 4000 lumens. Both these tubes come in two different tones Day White and White, suiting your needs accordingly.

We are confident of our pricing since we have absorbed the additional costs of a ballast by launching this tube, making it the most affordable waterproof batten!


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Our products are always optimized towards reducing maintenance costs in the long run, which is why our fittings are a perfect asset to your industry. We also promise a two-year warranty on the LED Tubes we provide.


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