Switching to LED Lighting For an Improved Lifestyle

Posted by V-TAC on 04-Jun-2017 07:00:00


Impact to lifestyle and health are a major consideration besides value for money when buying a product, in this era of the modern buyer. Research suggests that the ever-growing LED Lighting industry has been tackling health and lifestyle concerns related to artificial lighting – dizziness, headaches, decreased productivity, and a sense of well-being.

Light is not only important to us for visual assistance – certain wavelengths of light have an impact on our performance and our ability of to stay alert. Human centric lighting (HCL) is focused on connecting us to that non-visual realm of lighting, which is ideal for schools, workplaces, hospitals, residential areas and just about any area which requires sensitized lighting. LED Lighting production has been revolving around the idea of HCL to provide a better and long-lasting quality of life.

Following the idea of HCL, V-TAC’s bulbs play an essential role at enhancing vision and improving the quality of light distribution across various interiors. V-TAC offers different solutions for varying applications and different environments. We have a healthy stock of TUV certified bulbs and other lighting products throughout the year. For more information about our products, click here.


V-TAC's TUV Certified Bulb: SKU 4247/4248/4249

LED Lights are also widely recognized for their low power demand operation, non-hazardous build and long hours of operation. The reduced carbon emissions also contribute to a better environment and hence a better lifestyle.

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