Social Housing: The LED Lighting Industry Joins The Cause

Posted by V-TAC on 22-Jul-2017 18:54:46


"Designplan has been at the forefront of providing purpose built lighting to meet the needs of the social housing sector for over 40 years.

We’re working with many local authorities and housing associations to provide lighting solutions for the upgrade of the nation’s housing stock. With this expansion of assets, total cost of ownership is a key consideration for property owners, and Designplan’s range of energy efficient, robust fittings are a great fit."

The impact that social housing has had around the world is overwhelming. Housing inequality has existed throughout the ages - governments and non-profit organizations have been working together to see that affordable housing is made available to those who need it.

One of the countries affected by the housing crises is the United Kingdom. Since the 2012-3 financial crisis around the world, the UK has been trying to work on it's overdue plan to provide sustainable housing to its people.


Cost-effective housing for people


In 2015, the Labour had promised to build around 200,000 homes per year by 2020. The current state, however, displays that around 3,000 people (in one city) are still on waiting lists to receive shelter. As these waiting lists continue to grow, costs are continuing to increase as well. One of the main concerns of social housing today is the kind of material and components being used for construction. Cheaper and unreliable materials cause long-term issues - as a solution, a little more costly, but beneficial alternatives are being considered. Lighting, currently, is not only being taken seriously by contractors in the UK but is also considered a worldwide issue (ReadNEW UN REPORT CONFIRMS URGENCY OF LED LIGHTING ADOPTION GLOBALLY).

Nowadays, LED lighting is being heavily used to replace traditional fixtures. Highly known for their energy efficiency and also their safety, several contractors are slowly deciding to transition to this sustainable alternative for housing. 

On further research, I came across the article by DesignPlan (above) and was marveled at how this product is not only used for its efficiency, but is now being used for safety (and charitable) purposes as well. The LED industry is also reaching forward to support the cause of providing suitable and safe homes to those in need.

With the increasing need for public housing, contractors and governments need to invest in the right technologies for the long-term benefits of their residents. It's technically a win-win situation for the tenants and the funding entities since LED lights are cost-effective and are a sustainable replacement for traditional fixtures.

 LEDs Are A Perfect Replacement


Several countries are now focusing on going green and improving the lifestyle of its people. As part of the industry, V-TAC aims to support the cause of safer and smarter lighting, with our quality products,to achieve our valuesWe have been providing energy efficient solutions to over 70 countries and are continuing to work relentlessly towards providing communities with sustainable and affordable lighting. Read more about us here.


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