3 Facts you Need to Know About LED Linear Highbays

Posted by V-TAC on 25-Oct-2017 16:25:52


High bays are designed to be used for high-rise areas; to provide uniform light with minimal glare. They are designed with lenses and reflectors to guarantee optimal lighting. Industrial lighting comes in several designs, three of which are extremely popular.

  1. UFO Highbays
  2. Linear Highbays
  3. LED Lowbays 

UFO high bays distribute light without use of reflectors and can be used for industrial applications such as warehouses, gymnasiums, sports arenas, and more. Customers have the option of buying one with a beam angle of either 90 degree or 120 degree. UFO High bays are the perfect replacement for HID lamps.

LED low bays are used in areas with heights below 30ft. Low bay lighting applications include lighting assembly lines, manufacturing areas, warehouses and parking lots. 

However, aisle lighting is a different ball game.

This is where linear highbays come in:

  1. The shape of the fixture matters: different fixture shapes cast different beam sizes and shapes. Round high bays cast cone-like beams and linear high bays cast rectangular beams. Knowing this is usually helpful during the lighting designing of an area. If you need light in aisles or along long-work benches, linear high bays would be appropriate, considering how well the beam angle and shape would go with the space.
  2. They can be used in places other than warehouses: LED linear lights can be used either as a style statement in cafes or to replace traditional T5 fixtures in parking lots or garages or for plenty lighting in convention centers.
  3. They are made to mainly made to replace T8, T5 fixtures, and LED lowbays: in areas where T8 or T5 tubes or LED lowbays are used, light distribution seems to be a constant issue. Several fittings and fixtures are used to illuminate the required area evenly. Linear high bays do not only pay for themselves over a period of time, they also minimize the number of fixtures necessary to illuminate the required area and they do so uniformly.

Additionally, LED Low bays are relatively more expensive and in comparison our LED Linear High bays provide a better light output and are much slimmer, making them a better choice for your indoor lighting choices. 

Linear high bay vs Lowbay

At V-TAC, we have the complete solution for your lighting needs. We have a series of Linear high bays with wattages ranging from 100W to 300W, and they are a modern replacement for the convetional and the current LED low bays.

Our 100W high bay, for example, starts at GBP 69.99  — ii has a sturdy body, is IP44 rated, is sensor compatible, and is available in different wattages.

V-TAC's Linear High bay


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