Mini-Bulbs: The Perfect Addition to Your Home Interior Decor

Posted by V-TAC on 13-Sep-2017 12:08:16


Application of mini-bulbs

Artificial lighting has become a huge part of our lives - in fact, the sustainability and further development of artificial lighting are on the radar of the IoT

The evolution of light has made an impact on not only our energy bills and our to-be-future but also on the way we style our homes/interiors. Initially, incandescent bulbs were used almost all the time, due to their warm, homely light. However, LED bulbs have now taken over - providing the same amount of light, with better distribution and better savings!

Speaking of which, our trendy and powerful mini-bulbs are perfect for your interiors. Using Surface Mount Device technologies, these mini-bulbs are reliable and efficient. Using just 3W these mini-bulbs are a replacement for 25W conventional bulbs and will help you reduce your energy consumption greatly.

Different variants of these mini-bulbs, be it a candle, a twisted candle or a mini golf ball, name it and we've got it all!

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With an A+ energy rating, why would you still go for conventional bulbs? Adding onto its advantages this mini-bulb comes with a life span of 20,000 hours.

Don't go on its size - these bulbs are now available in different wattages, starting from 2W all the way up to 9W, some which can deliver up to 750 Lumens. We offer our clients three different colour choices which include, White, Warm White and Day White.

These mini-bulbs work as the best replacement for Incandescent or fluorescent bulbs because of their high endurance and heat radiation efficiency. They can also be used as decorative lights due to their “mini” appearance, making them look enchanting wherever they’re placed.

As for the price, it starts at GBP 0.99! So, think twice before buying a conventional bulb. You’ll never have to worry about maintenance or replacements because V-TAC gives you a two-year warranty with this miniature bulb. Life hasn’t been easier! Choose the easy way of life, choose V-TAC!

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