Why LED Linear Lights Are The Best For Effective & Sustainable Retail Lighting

Posted by V-TAC on 30-Jun-2018 08:43:42


V-TAC's new LED linear trunking lights offer high quality retrofits for fluorescent fixtures that can instantly provide proper and dynamic shelf lighting while promoting energy sustainability.

  • V-TAC’s new Linear Trunking Light is a set of highly efficient, continuous linear light fixtures with a plug-and-play system.
  • Modular system: the LED Linear Follow Trunking can be easily connected with the Linear Master Trunking through the L, T, and X node connectors.
  • 90°, 120°, and double asymmetric lenses available for maximum customizability
  • Perfect lighting for supermarkets, warehouse, service centers, and gymnasiums.
  • No warm-up time, instant start-up.
  • Sustained color temperature throughout long periods of usage.

Many factors affect purchasing decisions, especially in big retail places like supermarkets. The right lighting ambiance and feel of any store can make consumers stay longer and buy more.

Linear Trunking-03


With strong, steel trunking rails and highly efficient LEDs from Samsung, V-TAC’s linear light is a cutting-edge continuous row LED lighting for supermarkets, production facilities, and warehouses. It is carefully designed and developed to be an effective retail lighting solution for shelved products.


Linear Trunking-01


Highlight the product, not the floor

Old fluorescent fixtures emit scattered light; brightens the place but losing the opportunity of shifting the customers' focus on the shelved products.

Our LED Linear Lights are available in 90°, 120°, and double asymmetric lenses — all great options to perfectly direct the light where it is needed without the need for extra reflectors.

These lights can either be suspended or surface-mounted for further flexibility in stores with complex linear layouts.

With a high-lumen rating of 160++ lm/w, these linear lights greatly contribute to better product presentation, eventually leading to sales success.

Linear Trunking-02

Optional Linear Track Module

A linear track module for LED track lights are also available for more customized and complex retail lighting layouts. For more information on compatible LED track lights for this module, check out our complete range of new track lights with Samsung COB LEDs.

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Save on power and replacement costs

Precise lighting means less light is scattered, therefore less power are converted to wasted energy. Equipped with advanced LED technology from Samsung, savings are even further increased because of less electricity and replacement charges thanks to its staggering 50,000 lamp hours and 5-year warranty.

Sensor Compatibility

These linear lights are dimmable and compatible with DALI or a 1-10V dimming module. A daylight sensor makes these luminaires automatically adjust its brightness, contributing to its energy saving features.

All these great attributes make V-TAC's LED Linear Light your best choice for retail & industrial lighting. Know more about this luminaire and more from our existing range of LED lighting solutions right from our sales representatives!