Why You Should Invest In V-TAC PRO Series LED Panels

Posted by V-TAC on 01-Oct-2017 16:40:51


The present-day workplace focuses on the well-being along with the productivity of an employee. Modern lighting has changed the way designers style offices and cabins to back this idea. 

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Lighting + Productivity

It might seem insignificant, and a lot of employers overlook this factor, but lighting has effects that are substantial to the well-being of employees. With light being key to sight, and sight being one of the five senses, it's important to consider the lighting in the workplace. It shouldn't be too dim or too harsh - either of which would cause health problems to workers, resulting in low productivity.

According to Vivian Giang,

"A number of studies have found sunlight can have a multitude of benefits on our health. Exposure to natural light is especially beneficial to workers cooped up in an office all day. Natural light from both the morning and evening has been found to decrease depression and improve mood, energy, alertness and productivity"

Artificial lighting in offices must be used to provide sufficient light to employees. For a long time, traditional troffers have been used in many schools, offices, kitchens and meeting rooms. Traditional troffers are rectangular light fixtures that usually accommodate fluorescent light fixtures, such as the T5 fittings. Today, LED Panel lighting has replaced these troffers - LED panel lights are slim, sleek and simple but stylish. In general, LED panel lights are also known to ensure a high level of safety.


Why should you invest in our LED panels?

Other advantages of LED Panels are that they have a long lifespan, are low maintenance, are efficient and can provide a great ROI in the long term. 

The 5 year warranty? At V-TAC, we recently introduced the PRO-Series, which is a by-product of our never ending persistence to serve you better. Our PRO-series consists of a range of products which have been designed with high-quality components and they provide high lumens.

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